Gerry Harrison


FORMER Burnley and Watford midfielder and defender Gerry Harrison is back on a learning curve.

The 43-year-old Lambeth-born lad was at Burnley for four years between 1994 and 1998, scoring three goals in 123 appearances for the club.

As well as Watford, Harrison lists Sunderland, Bristol City and Huddersfield amongst his former clubs – but Gerry wasn’t just a big time Charlie. He also strutted his stuff briefly for Prestwich Heys, a North Manchester non-league outfit, just after the Millenium.

Harrison is head of football development at Burnley College and also teaches physical education in several local secondary schools.

He lives with his family close to the Hapton-Huncoat area of Burnley and is a regular member of the Vintage Clarets team, having played a big part in the recent European tournament success in Hamm, Germany at centre back.

So how did this South London boy return to the fold with the Vintage Clarets after he first came “Oop North” all those years ago to play for Burnley FC?

“I stayed in touch with Liam Robinson and Roger Eli and Roger asked me if I fancied playing. It just went on from there,” said Gerry.

“The best thing about playing for the VCs has to be the banter then its catching up with the boys I used to play with and getting to know all the others.”

So what are Gerry’s hobbies? “Well, I am up for any sporting challenge – anything to do with sport. I also enjoy spending time with my family.”

gerry harrison