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by Steve Bott

FORMER Clarets’ winger Steve Kindon could talk a glass eye to sleep. He’s made a living at it and is widely regarded as one of the best after dinner speaker in the country.

More recently he has been viewing and talking up the Vintage Clarets. Steve had two spells with Burnley between 1968 and 1979 scoring 46 goals in 185 appearances. He has never played for the Vintage Clarets but watched them in a game played on behalf of Ian Britton and said “I think it is a very good thing as a whole. The fans have long happy memori:es of the players they have watched playing for Burnley over the years and this gives them the chance to see them again.

“The players may not have the pace they once had but the skill is still there. Its good enough. It reminds me of that line in the Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams,” said Kindon. “Its about a man who has a dream of seeing the old American baseball greats of the past play on a field outside his own homestead.

“‘Build it and they will come’ is the line I am thinking of,” said Steve with real feeling.

Kindon lives in Lytham now and still does the after dinner circuit. A considerate genial man he is always ready to help others too and he told me: “Lee Sharpe rang me when he was wanting to get on the circuit. I told him to come up to my house. He did, arriving at 10.30 one morning. He left at 6.30pm.”

The former Manchester United winger is not quite matching Kindon on the circuit but he is doing very well at the moment thank you!”

So apart from the speaking what is 64-year-old Warrington=born Kindon doing. “Waiting for my pension,” said the man who was also pretty good at flying up the wing as a Rugby League player too.

He also qualifies for a free ticket to watch Burnley thanks to an old article written into the Burnley rules and regulations by former chairman Bob Lord.

“I think Burnley are the only club in the Football League who had it written into their articles that any player who played over 50 games for them can watch the Clarets for free,” said Steve. “John Coddington reminded me of that when he came to watch a game at Huddersfield when I was working on the commercial side for them. John said I have paid to come and watch today but if it was Burnley I would have got in for free.”

No such thing as a free lunch. maybe but if you are a veteran Claret there is such a thing as a free football match. Cheers Steve….and Bob.