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One to Eleven: Leighton James

by Mick Cain

Next up in our One to Eleven series is the one and only Welsh Wizard, Leighton James! After making his Burnley debut in 1970 against Nottingham Forest, James went on to make 335 appearances for the Clarets over 3 spells, scoring 67 goals. There are some wonderful players in his team, one that would have been quite formidable in today’s game!

  1. Phil Parkes
  2. Rod Thomas
  3. Dzemal Hadziabdic
  4. Roy McFarland
  5. Colin Todd
  6. Stan Bowles
  7. Martin Dobson
  8. Archie Gemmel
  9. Alan Curtis
  10. Charlie George
  11. Robbie James

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