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Introducing Steve Bott

by Steve Bott


I’m Steve Bott, a 59-year-old semi-retired journalist who worked for the Daily Star, Today and People for over 36 years.

I also had the misfortune to spend 18 months or more covering Burnley FC between January 1989 and July 1991 when that motley crew led by the legendary Frank Casper graced Turf Moor.

Among their number were the likes of John Deary, Roger Eli, Peter Mumby and George Oghani. The Clarets were not exactly at the heights of their powers shall we say during that era, but as soon as I left they rocketed up through the leagues to the giddy heights of the Championship.

The team from that era now form the nucleus of the Vintage Clarets squad and it is an honour and a privilege to link up with them once again as their official media person (note the new-found political correctness there).

I have been taken on on the strict understanding that I NEVER give any of the players a 4 in the marks out of ten at the end of the reports. I once did that to former right back Ian Measham and I don’t think he has forgiven me yet. Captain Deary, or Loafy as he is fondly referred to, constantly remind me of it and use it to keep me in line in my giddier literary moments.

Anyway, I look forward to renewing lots of old friendships and keeping you all informed of the Vintage Clarets movements, however slow and cumbersome they may now be, at home and abroad in the future.

Yours in sport,

Steve Bott