About the Vintage Clarets

The Vintage Clarets are a team of ex-professional footballers who represented Burnley FC at some point in their careers, and still hold the Clarets close to their hearts.

The team is focussed on playing charity football matches across the county to help other clubs raise money for themselves or special charities.

Vintage Clarets is run by former fans favourites Roger Eli and John Deary, who have used their contacts to bring the players together to make the team what it is today.

Other fan favourites that currently represent Vintage Clarets include George Oghani, Graham Lancashire, David Eyres, Jamie Hoyland, Gerry Harrison, Paul Weller and Andy Farrell to name but a few.

Every year, the Vintage Clarets travel to Germany to take part in a veterans football tournament which is held in Hamm, and brings together a host of other ex-professional teams and rekindles the competitive sport that these guys love.

The whole point of it is representing Burnley FC, something which the lads all care greatly about.

If you, your club or any other local team would be interested in playing a friendly match against Vintage Clarets to help raise funds, please get in touch via email or by Twitter, we’d love to hear from you.